write from the heart of it

I hope everyone has a really great new year!

I am making a resolution to write a bunch more everyday, but to balance that with staying in the real world.

In the past, I have thought of writing as an escape. I thought of the phrase “write from the heart of it” a while back, and the idea was about how I think writing should be birthed out of the everyday stress and chaos. I’m discovering that writing is meant to be a sign post to a particular headspace in a particular moment. Like, we should be able to go back and monitor how we were thinking about things at a particular time. It’s like how machines have blackboxes so in case there is a failure or an explosion you can go back and see what went wrong. Or in case there is some incredible feat that is accomplished — you want to know how the machine was particularly working at that moment.

I am resolving for this to be my mental blackbox. It can record some different impressions at different times, as things are inevitably and constantly changing.

Evolve or die went from being a macho mantra to a universal reality in 2021. Even folks who survived will forever be hollowed out by 2021. We will be unraveling what is happening for many years to come.

Writing is the path to freedom though. I want to be making zines, at least a few a week — there is something about carving something in the analog world that hits a little deeper than just posting a message to folks.

Anyway, thanks for spending time with me, and I’m excited to grow and share more of myself this year. If things aren’t in the open then they just fester. I will only bury things if they are seeds. And I will pluck up weeds when they grow. I guess I’m going with gardening metaphors in 2021.