Building on Freedom

I can’t figure out any other way to find motivation when starting a new project other than to remind myself that I’m making something because I’m free to make it.

I’m free of fear that it will be rejected. Who cares if I’m rejected? I have been rejected before, I’ll survive. And the chance that it could pop off despite rejection is always there too.

I’m free to expand my identity. Putting things out there that we have built becomes an extension of who we are. Sometimes, we are afraid of growth. We are afraid of maintaining an identity that we are less familiar with than the version of ourself that accomplished less.

Making things is good for the soul and it’s easy to forget that. I think it is good for the soul precisely because it forces us to face our fears of rejection and forces us to grow.

It is important that humans have the freedom to shift identities. Identities can become cumbersome. What we are projecting to the world could be completely different than where we are at emotionally. I’d rather be locked in a cage than have to put on a mask every day and perform life.